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Submittal Process

The STRS Submittal process is used to create an entry in the STRS Application Repository.  For a simplified checklist, see the STRS Application Repository Submittal Checklist.

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Submittal Process Text Equivalent

This is the text version of the submittal process. Click here to go to the graphical version above. Item 1 though 3 may be done in any order, as well as the email.

Item Action (form, script, etc.)

Fill in

  1. NASA only: Submit a New Technology Report (NTR) (online) previously known as NASA Form 1679. If not an online form, obtain signatures and submit to Software Release Authority with a copy to the STRS repository manager.
  2. or the equivalent new technology reporting form as implemented by your organization.
    Forward a copy to the STRS repository manager to put on file.
02 Submit the STRS Application Repository public metadata.
03 Submit the STRS Application Repository restricted metadata.
04 Gather and submit contracts, agreements, software usage agreements, and so forth that support release restrictions to the STRS repository manager.
05 Gather documents to satisfy STRS requirements and project’s NPR 7150.2 documentation according to the Requirements Mapping Matrix or equivalent. Send a copy of the compliance matrix, if available, to the STRS repository manager.
06 Submit source code to STRS repository manager.
07 Submit models, scripts, configuration files, configuration file XML schema, any XSL or other XML transformation files to the STRS repository manager.
08 Submitter edits the artifact metadata to remove any TBDs and submits it back to the STRS repository manager. Alternate is to submit a Version Description Document (VDD).
DB STRS Application Repository
email Email STRS repository manager

Note: If files are too large for email, use Large File Transfer (LFT). Non-NASA users need to contact STRS repository manager first.
Note: Python script to obtain Metadata available.
Note: SLOC computation available.

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