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Retrieval Process

This webpage summarizes the retrieval process.  For a more complete description see the STRS Application Repository Retrieval Process Guide.

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STRS Application Repository Retrieval Process DB 01 02 03 04 email 09 10 11 15 15 17 18

Retrieval Process Text Equivalent

This is the text version of the retrieval process. Click here to go to the equivalent graphical version above.

Item By Action (form, script, etc.) Prev Next
01 Repository Mgr Create STRS Application Repository public content list 02 none
02 Requester Find in STRS Application Repository public content list and decide whether to reuse, make, or buy. none 01, 03, email
03 Requester Request for application 02 04
04 Repository Mgr Save FormMail; import to DB (history); prepare email to decision maker 03 15, DB
09 Repository Mgr Obtain decision whether the artifacts can be distributed or not 15 DB, 10
10 Repository Mgr Approved for distribution if SUA is signed? 09 11,17
11 Repository Mgr Fix permissions or send artifacts from STRS Application Repository 10 17, 18
15 Requester Develops and negotiates Software Use Agreement (SUA) 04 09
17 Requester Informs of denial of distribution or, if the SUA has been signed, the release status and further instructions. 10,11 none
18 Requester Make artifacts available to requester 11 none
email any Email STRS repository manager any any
DB Repository Mgr STRS Application Repository database 04, 09, 11 none


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