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Feedback Process

This webpage summarizes the feedback process.  For a more complete description, see either the STRS Application Repository Submittal Process Guide or the STRS Application Repository Retrieval Process Guide.

The following feedback process may be used by anyone at any time but is most likely to be used when a new user attempts to reuse an application from the STRS Application Repository, which is why it is often associated with the retrieval process. It is also used to record lessons learned during the submittal process.

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Feedback DB 01 02 03 04 05 07 08

This is the text version of the retrieval process. Click here to go to the equivalent graphical version above.

Item By Action (form, script, etc.) Prev Next
email any Email STRS repository manager any any
01 Repository Mgr Check triggers / elapsed time for desire for history or lessons learned. none 02, 03, 04
02 Requester Historical Usage 01 05
03 Requester Lessons Learned 01 05
04 Submitter Lessons Learned 01 05
05 Repository Mgr Save FormMail email; import to DB 02, 03, 04 DB, 07
07 Repository Mgr If lesson learned is not created by Submitter and it’s application-specific, skip to step 08 to inform the Submitter; else, stop here. 05 08
08 Submitter Mail lesson learned back to Submitter 07 none
DB Repository Mgr STRS Application Repository database 05 none


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