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Application Repository

STRS Application Repository

The STRS project provides the infrastructure and guidance for a repository of applications developed for SDR platforms using the Standard.  Adherence to the Standard for the development of SDR platforms and applications and submittal of the applications to the repository will enable the missions to leverage earlier efforts by reusing various software components compliant with the architecture developed in other NASA programs.  This will reduce the cost and risk of deploying SDRs for future NASA missions.

The STRS Application Repository holds documentation, code, and other artifacts that may be used to port or reuse waveform applications on another platform. Each platform may be the same type or different.

STRS Repository Manager

The STRS repository manager is responsible for the security, confidentiality, integrity, availability, authenticity, accountability, and assurance of the STRS Application Repository.  The STRS repository manager is responsible for managing the submittal and retrieval of applications to and from the STRS Application Repository.

mail-iconThe most efficient way to contact the STRS repository manager is to use the mailing list:

However, when sending encrypted data using PKI Entrust or Encryption Wizard, via email or NOMAD LFTindividual email addresses must be used:,


Submit Artifacts

To submit artifacts to the STRS Application Repository, see submittal process for further instructions.

Note: At a minimum the following artifacts are required for submission

  1. Fill in New Technology Report (NTR), NASA Form 1679, or equivalent.
  2. Submit public metadata and restricted metadata.
  3. Gather documents to satisfy STRS-12 requirement.
  4. Submit NPR 7150.2 compliance matrix or equivalent, if available.
  5. Gather source code, models, configuration files and version description documentation to submit.
  6. Etc.

Obtain Artifacts

To obtain artifacts from the STRS Application Repository, see retrieval process for further instructions.

Access to the STRS Application Repository is managed at GRC by the Software Release Authority (SRA) and controlled by the STRS repository manager.

  1. See what is currently in the STRS Application Repository. It displays a table showing the metadata for the contents of the STRS Application Repository. The metadata is intended to help decide whether to pursue using an application from the STRS Application Repository.
  2. See if it is currently available via the NASA Software Repository. It displays much more than just what is in the STRS Application Repository. Search using the Name and/or Identification. After finding the STRS application of interest, this website provides the first steps to obtain that STRS application.
  3. If not in the NASA Software Repository, click on the last column of the appropriate application in the STRS Application Repository to bring up the request form and begin the process.