National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Glenn Research Center

NTR / NF-1679

New Technology Report (NTR) / NASA Form 1679 (NF-1679) – Disclosure of Invention and New Technology (Including Software):

Use when a new technology/invention is developed.

If you are NASA civil servant or support service contractor, log in to the New Technology Reporting System (NTRS) at and fill out the electronic version of the NF-1679. If you are another entity, such as a contractor, grantee or NASA partner who needs to submit an NTR or NTSR based on an SBIR/STTR contract, please do so via the Electronic Handbooks (EHB).

If your new technology is related to software-defined radio (SDR) and the software is also to be submitted to the Space Telecommunications Radio System (STRS) Application Repository, mention STRS as a keyword. Forward a copy of the NTR/NF-1679 to the STRS Repository Manager.

Alternately, if your new technology is related to SDR and the software is to be submitted to the STRS Application Repository, download the PDF (NF-1679.pdf) or Word (NF-1679.doc) version, fill it out, mention STRS as a keyword, and send it via email to the STRS Repository Manager.

If your new technology does not pertain to SDR or STRS, see the pertinent NASA New Technology Point of Contact.