National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Glenn Research Center


The STRS Architecture Standard:

  1. STRS Architecture Standard (NASA/TM-2010-216809, STRS-AR-00002, Revision 1.02.1) (PDF) (The SCaN Testbed SDRs are compliant to this version)
  2. STRS Architecture Standard Rev A (NASA-STD-4009A) (NASA Technical Standard)
  3. STRS Architecture Standard Rationale Rev A (NASA-HDBK-4009A) (NASA Technical Standard)

The STRS architecture is also described in the following documents:

  1. STRS Architecture Goals/Objectives and Level 1 Requirements (NASA/TM-2007-215042) (PDF)
  2. STRS Definitions and Acronyms (NASA/TM-2008-215445) (PDF)
  3. STRS Software Architecture Concepts and Analysis (NASA/TM-2008-214813) (PDF)
  4. Symbol Tables and Branch Tables: Linking Applications Together (NASA/TM-2011-216948) (PDF)
  5. STRS Application Repository Design and Analysis (NASA/TM-2013-216595) (PDF)
  6. STRS Compliance Testing (NASA/TM-2011-21726) (PDF)

Other STRS Documents:

  1. STRS Cognitive Radio Paper (requires login) and Presentation (PDF)
  2. STRS Tutorial Overview (NASA/TM-2012-217819) (PDF)
  3. STRS Tutorial Detailed (PDF)
  4. STRS Tutorial for Project Management (PDF)

The following are in the process of being developed:

  1. STRS Application Repository Submittal Process Guide
  2. STRS Application Repository Retrieval Process Guide
  3. STRS Project and Acquisition Guidance
  4. STRS Compliance Certification Process

If you want more information on any of the documents email STRS.