National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Glenn Research Center


STRS compliance is determined by inspecting documents, executing the software, performing code inspection, validating the configuration files, and making sure that the software tools are installed and working, if needed. The STRS Architecture Standard document contains the requirements to be satisfied for compliance. The code inspection may be performed manually, but there are some UNIX shell scripts to help automate portions of the effort. There is also a command and compliance application (WFCCN), that may be compiled with OE header files to find other OE compliance errors. The process, shell scripts, and WFCCN are described in STRS Compliance Testing document.

These compliance documents, scripts, and program may be obtained by submitting a request via the Technology Transfer Program’s Software Catalog for STRS Compliance Tools, which requires setting up an account or having a NASA IdMAX account.  Alternately, send an STRS request to the STRS repository manager.